Cool Waters

For I am a hopeless wanderer and was walking for so long.

this sun cycle called for an arid land full of thorns and dust adorned with nights haunted by strange soul sucking shadows.

I mistook you for a mirage at first and let you pass by but now the first fanged encounter brings me to endless tears. a lake so beautiful, that I felt brave to touch it. but you were so humble and void of touch that you quenched my soul and freed me from my deamon.

So I hate to leave, for you are my oasis in this world of fire. and for ever your essence is burnt to my skin.

you are my cool waters in this cursed realm.



I dont want to kiss u last tym..See the time spent with u was the time I will never ever forget. .. I shared all my feelings with u…always. .. u r the only person who understands me… u came in my life when I was all alone… I really needed someone to take me out of the mess I was in…u came as an angel to take care of me…to love me.. I know its our the end…I just wish that ur always happy… trust me matter how many times I thank u …it will always be less compared to what u did for me.. I will miss u dear.. I will always miss u.. take care jaan…


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