At a Red light

Monday night traffic in Gurgaon is a battle on its own. Hungover from Sunday’s lag, drivers are constantly dreaming of their pillows and mummy ki haath ki chai.

Cars halt at a red light and impatient commuters count every second like a class room rhyme.

A vendor passes by with a bunch of red heart balloons, he barely manages to bother even a fly and simply walks away with a sly smile.

As the light turns green you see a blue Vagnar and a tierd father smiling at his chirpy daughter who is too busy playing with a red heart balloon. In a white Honda civic there are two lovers, the girl too shy but still holding with great love and care a red heart balloon. Between these two a grey i10 and a girl, sad and heart broken for the hundredth time was half smiling, half crying but hitting her best friend with a red heart balloon, coz he knew that all she needed was a reason to smile.


Let’s love

Let’s have a mattress on the floor with messy sheets of love.

Let’s have towers of books, yours and mine racing to that bulb.

Let’s have two of everything, two chai, two suttas, two alarms to get us up.

Let’s have one bath towel to pull of the other in all that morning rush.

Let’s ink each other with stories, symbols and runes of power ups.

Let’s run of to different cities when we start to feel that it’s getting rough.

Let’s wrap each other and sleep till the nightmares stop checking if we are tough.


Let’s not say forever, but keep our fingers crossed and hearts interlocked.