What we teach

I know somewhere we all are eager to teach our children good values so that they become good people of tomorrow and bring about a better tomorrow for all the people. But I ask you to do this just once, sit down with your partner and ask each other if religion is a short cut that you take to reach this goal.

Identification of the self on the basis of religion at a young age would just create a category of bifurcation of humans in a child’s mind and inculcate a strong belief that he belongs to one and makes him different from others who don’t. So, we need to be really careful about what imprints on their minds.

Humanity has molded countless religions and sects from its inception to bring together one and all in accordance of the needs of their times. To try and understand why and how things evolved will be a humongous task and quite futile as obviously we cannot recreate those circumstances.

Why I talk of religion is because the recent events of Islam bashing in our country and all over the globe made me a little restless and to be frank a lot scared. I don’t want to be a part of a war and I am sure no one around me does. I don’t follow any particular religion but I try my best to learn from all and for that firstly, I had to learn to respect the different schools of thoughts out there. And what I have learnt is when you give respect, you receive respect.

What I am saying is please give all your attention to what values your kids are learning for real. I am sure they fold their hands and close their eyes in-front of idols and framed pictures BUT do they revere other lives be it humans or animals. I am sure you are taking care of whether they say their thank you-s and sorry-s BUT are they thankful for the life they have and opportunities they get as a result of hard work done by generations before us.

I am sure the kids are getting to know about the affairs of Paris and being taught to be empathetic towards such events BUT are they taught that these events are not because of religious intolerance but intolerant people using religion as a shield to propagate their hate. So that they understand when we fight terrorism we are actually fighting the hate and anger and not the people.

Just make sure that if the future generation is taught religion, which ever one it maybe, it should be for the betterment of the whole humanity.


I have searched for Gods

i have searched for Gods everywhere.

In churches, in temples .. on the the mountains, in the rivers and i have gazed at the night sky for what now seems like a passing eternity, waiting for an answer.

I was running around because humans were not enough. They had constantly let me down, they didn’t love diabolically, they didn’t hate loyally … they all were confused following each other in random circles.

Or so I thought.

Even when they are confused with multitudes of options and repercussions, even when they bind and define their selves there are instances when they stop to exist as themselves, as the I. For in that instance they become their fellow being, they live the other’s life and cry their tears, they stand up and shout for attention or simply stand in numbers and mock the adversary. They shelter the weak and feed the hungry. They leave behind stories so that there are better tomorrows. They dance, sing and be merry for there is nothing like the day they are living.
And having seen all this and met all of you … and tomorrow when I’ll meet you. I’ll see a reflection of me in you and learn what you would have to show. I would be collecting the pieces of that God in me and we’ll part ways to teach others and then maybe in years there will be a God in every being.