I have searched for Gods

i have searched for Gods everywhere.

In churches, in temples .. on the the mountains, in the rivers and i have gazed at the night sky for what now seems like a passing eternity, waiting for an answer.

I was running around because humans were not enough. They had constantly let me down, they didn’t love diabolically, they didn’t hate loyally … they all were confused following each other in random circles.

Or so I thought.

Even when they are confused with multitudes of options and repercussions, even when they bind and define their selves there are instances when they stop to exist as themselves, as the I. For in that instance they become their fellow being, they live the other’s life and cry their tears, they stand up and shout for attention or simply stand in numbers and mock the adversary. They shelter the weak and feed the hungry. They leave behind stories so that there are better tomorrows. They dance, sing and be merry for there is nothing like the day they are living.
And having seen all this and met all of you … and tomorrow when I’ll meet you. I’ll see a reflection of me in you and learn what you would have to show. I would be collecting the pieces of that God in me and we’ll part ways to teach others and then maybe in years there will be a God in every being.


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